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Composable solution

Curating products to empower business to launch quickly, boost growth to enterprise scale, and unlock limitless possibilities.

Composable made easy

Connect your applications, connect your customers. Launch with confidence.

Quick to launch

Designed for efficiency, our commerce platform facilitates rapid deployment, enabling businesses to launch their commerce operations swiftly and seamlessly.

Feature rich

Launch is packed with enterprise-grade features, offering robust and comprehensive solutions to address the complex needs of large-scale commerce operations, fostering efficiency and business growth.

Future proof

Adapts with evolving business needs, allowing for seamless feature integration. With plug-and-play capabilities, it offers customisation for streamlined, effective growth.

Compelling experiences

Equipped with the tools to craft captivating customer experiences, enhancing engagement and driving commerce success.

International reach

Built to support global operations, offering the capabilities needed to reach, engage, and transact with customers anywhere anytime.


Review and refine changes before they go live with an intuitive preview feature out of the box, ensuring optimal customer experience at all times.

Delight and excite your whole team



Launch empowers marketing teams by enabling easy management of campaigns and content strategies. The platform's intuitive design reduces the need for technical intervention and its integrated analytics tools provide data-driven insights for strategy refinement and performance measurement. This results in increased agility for marketing teams, ultimately driving customer engagement and business growth.


Launch expedites the journey from idea conception to product deployment, slashing the time it takes to reach the market. This empowers product owners to rapidly adapt to customer needs and market trends, keeping their offerings fresh and competitive. Ultimately, Launch fuels business growth by facilitating swift innovation and promoting customer satisfaction.


Launch revolutionises the content creation process by providing a flexible and intuitive suite of tools to create content-driven experiences. The Sanity Studio makes special requests reasonable with its customisation framework that can accommodate your most challenging goals.

The Studio's real-time collaborative features allow teams to work together seamlessly, fostering creativity and boosting productivity. The responsive live preview feature lets creators see changes as they happen, guaranteeing exceptional results.
Customer care

Customer care

Launch is thoughtfully designed to delight and empower customer care teams. It streamlines their workflow by providing a unified, real-time view of customer data, including purchase history, interactions, and feedback.

This all-encompassing viewpoint helps customer care teams to deliver individualised and responsive service, effectively resolving issues and strengthening client relationships.



Launch has exceptional analytics features, designed for today's data-driven landscape, showing real-time insights into user interactions and website performance. User-centric metrics provide a clear picture of user interactions, highlighting areas for optimisation. Analysts can more quickly find subtle patterns and trends thanks to event-based tracking architecture and improved AI-driven insights. Launch is crucial for data-driven decision-making in the digital era, since both technical and non-technical analysts can easily glean significant insights from its straightforward interface and customisable dashboards.


Launch is a developer's dream, offering seamless deployment and integrating leading technologies such as Next.js, React Native, and TypeScript with Vercel. These tools not only enhance the development experience but also simplify team recruitment and retention. Emphasising a developer-first approach, Vercel champions swift prototyping and iteration. Its serverless functions and auto-scaling eradicate infrastructure hassles, and real-time feedback ensures instant update visibility. All in all, Launch offers both simplicity and powerful tools, making it a prime choice for web developers.


Launch is committed to execute releases without any downtime, preserving an uninterrupted user experience—a baseline in today's digital landscape. Additionally, Launch is equipped with detailed dashboards and alerting systems. These tools offer immediate insights into system health and performance, allowing for prompt issue detection and resolution, ensuring system reliability. Collectively, these attributes position Launch as a dependable commerce solution, alleviating operational stresses and ensuring infrastructure teams maintain unwavering confidence in the platform they support.

Industry leaders under one roof

Sanity logoVercel logoCommerce layer logoCabiri logoAlgolia logoYou logo provides an exceptional blend of flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. As a headless CMS, it provides immense freedom, allowing you to model data in a way that aligns perfectly with your brands identity:

Real-time Collaboration: Sanity's collaborative features allow multiple team members to work on content simultaneously, ensuring swift content updates and product listings for Launch.
Flexible Content Structures: With its custom schemas, Sanity enables a tailored content model that fits precisely with the unique requirements of your commerce platform.
Optimised Performance: Sanity's asset pipeline ensures images and media are delivered optimally, enhancing load times and providing a smoother shopping experience for users.
Portable Content: Sanity treats content as data, ensuring easy portability and integration across various channels, making multi-channel e-commerce strategies more effective.
Developer-Friendly Platform: With its modern JavaScript setup and API-centric approach, Sanity offers developers a seamless environment, allowing for rapid enhancements and integrations to keep Launch ahead in the e-commerce game.

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Vercel excels in helping businesses build fast, secure, and user-friendly websites, ensuring your customers always have access to the latest information and features.

Instant Deployment & Preview: Vercel's deployment system ensures changes are live in seconds, allowing for real-time previews and updates, crucial for dynamic e-commerce operations.
Optimized Performance: With automatic optimization, Vercel ensures your platform achieves blazing-fast load times, enhancing user experience and potentially boosting sales conversions.
Serverless Functions: Vercel's serverless architecture simplifies backend complexities, letting you focus on front-end experiences, and catering to e-commerce functionalities like cart operations, checkouts, and product listings.
Built-in Scalability: Vercel scales automatically, accommodating traffic surges during sales or promotional events, ensuring a smooth experience for all users on Launch.
Seamless Integrations: Vercel is designed to work harmoniously with leading technologies and platforms, allowing Launch to integrate and adapt to evolving e-commerce needs and tools seamlessly.

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Commerce Layer stands as a pillar of Launch, thanks to its robust headless commerce capabilities:

Headless Commerce Powerhouse: Commerce Layer's robust headless capabilities ensure maximum flexibility, allowing Launch to deliver customised, front-end experiences without being constrained by the back-end.
Seamless API Integration: Its API-centric design integrates effortlessly with existing systems, streamlining the development process and making platform enhancements more intuitive.
Scalability & Performance: Built for businesses of all sizes, Commerce Layer can handle surges in demand, guaranteeing consistent performance even during peak traffic times.
Complexity Simplified: With adept management of intricate inventory, pricing, and order workflows, Commerce Layer reduces operational challenges, aiding in efficient commerce management.
Global Outreach: Commerce Layer's focus on internationalisation means Launch can provide a unified shopping experience across various regions, bolstering global market reach and expansion.

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Algolia is the ideal choice for our commerce accelerator due to its exceptional search and discovery capabilities:

Instantaneous Search Results: Algolia's lightning-fast search capabilities ensure that customers find what they're looking for in milliseconds, enhancing user satisfaction and boosting sales potential.
Relevance and Personalization: Algolia's smart ranking algorithm prioritizes the most relevant results, and its personalization features tailor search experiences based on individual user behaviors, increasing conversion chances.
Scalable Infrastructure: Regardless of the size of your product catalog, Algolia scales seamlessly to handle vast product listings, ensuring consistent search performance even as your e-commerce platform grows.
User-friendly Dashboard: Algolia provides a clear and intuitive dashboard, allowing easy management of indices, synonyms, and other search settings, facilitating optimal search results for customers.
Geolocation Search: With Algolia's geolocation features, Launch can prioritize and tailor search results based on a user's location, making local promotions or region-specific products more effective.

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Cabiri, a boutique commerce consultancy in London who have, over the years, garnered a reputation for excellence, collaborating with numerous household-names. Formed and will continue to support Launch as an entry point for growing businesses to start their composable commerce journey:

Fast-Track Implementation: Cabiri accelerates the deployment of Launch, expediting our clients' route to market and providing them with a competitive edge.
Deep Customization: We don't just implement; we reshape Launch to mirror each client's brand essence, ensuring that functionalities seamlessly dovetail with their distinct business imperatives.
Operational Optimization: Our meticulous customization adapts Launch to align with individual workflows, data models, and business logics, resulting in heightened operational efficiency and reduced overheads.
Strategic Growth Catalyst: Through our tailor-made Launch platform, we empower clients to achieve rapid growth, elevate customer engagement, and magnify their market footprint.
Bespoke User Experience: Beyond just functionalities, we ensure that every user interaction echoes the client's core values, delivering a truly unique and personalized customer journey.

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We're thrilled at the prospect of collaborating with you and you're the missing piece to building something truly amazing:

Passion to Expand: With an eye on venturing into new territories and tapping into fresh customer bases, your ambition, coupled with the Launch platform, is poised to not only attract new audiences but also to captivate your existing customers.
Collaborative Spirit: Your readiness to collaborate and integrate promises a seamless merging of our tools and your vision, resulting in a platform that's greater than the sum of its parts.
Deep Customer Insight: Your profound understanding of your customer base will shape a commerce platform on Launch that resonates deeply with your audience, leading to heightened user engagement and loyalty.
Strong Brand Identity: Your brand's unique identity will not only set the platform apart in a crowded market but will also attract and retain a dedicated customer base, all while preserving your brand ethos.
Commitment to Innovation: Your foresight in industry trends ensures that your commerce platform on Launch is always ahead of the curve, meeting the dynamic needs of the modern shopper.

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Launch represents the future of business technology. It's a curated package of top-tier SaaS products designed to fuel growth and adapt to your business needs, offering endless potential. This isn't just a product, it's a pathway to transformative enterprise scaling.

Dan Kain Photo
Dan Kain
CTO, Cabiri

As advocates for seamless commerce experiences, we recognize the transformative power of composable commerce. Launch appears poised to elevate this mission in the composable commerce realm. The future of retail hinges on such innovations, and we're eager to explore collaborative opportunities.

Filippo Conforti Profile
Filippo Conforti
CEO, Commerce Layer

Talon.One has always championed modular MACH architecture and composable commerce. 'Launch' extends this vision, acting as an enterprise accelerator for quicker deployment and limitless business innovation. Its modular design eases integration of advanced solutions like Talon.One’s promotion features, empowering enterprises to ignite digital projects, scale confidently, and adapt to the changing commerce world.

James Dye Profile
James Dye
Country Director, Talon.One

Cabiri’s approach to make composable easier to adopt is a timely solution to a valuable problem. Many customers want the improvements composable can provide but are lacking the time, budget and/or resources. We are proud to be partnered to help make getting a great Search & Discovery experience available with less friction, less budget and quicker time to market with Cabiri’s commerce accelerator

Piyush Profile
Piyush Patel
Chief Strategic BD Officer, Algolia

As the financial technology platform of choice for leading companies, and a proud member of the MACH Alliance, we're thrilled to witness Cabiri's rollout of the ultimate solution for businesses to rapidly launch into the composable technology space. Our strong partnership with Cabiri will allow us to enhance the capabilities of businesses we both serve, providing key shopper insights, access to preferred local payment methods and the ability to expand internationally quickly and easily.

Piyush Profile
Alex Speke
Commercial Partnerships, Adyen

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Launch.
What is Launch?
The ultimate composable solution empowering businesses to launch quickly, with a curated package of best-of-breed SaaS products that fuel your composable journey, drive growth to enterprise levels, and  provide endless potential for more, while ensuring technology adapts to your business, not the other way around.
Will there be limitations to what I can do with my commerce platform in the future?
With launch there are no limitations to what you can do. It's an extensible framework built to accelerate your journey into composable commerce, and accelerate the delivery of ideas to your customer.
Will I need an in-house team to maintain and support this?
You have the freedom to decide this for yourself! Cabiri, the team behind Launch can provide ongoing support and maintenance for your bespoke customisations. We also offer a structured handover or transition period if you decide to take the maintenance in-house. Additionally, we have a range of support packages and new feature updates tailored to your needs, ensuring everything runs smoothly.
Will I have to pay ongoing license fees to use Launch?
Launch does not have any ongoing license fees!  Once Launch is delivered it's all yours to use grow and adapt. Please note new and existing SaaS products of choice will have their own associated fees.

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